To blog or not to blog

I’ll admit it: I’m hopelessly old-fashioned when it comes to the use of new media to put my ideas into the world. I don’t tweet, I hardly use facebook except to find people I actually know, and I’m not really a blogger. Nevertheless, it does seem like an attractive opportunity to transform a potentially impersonal, high-gloss new website (beautifully crafted by my designer Shachar Leuchter and my photographer Penny Bradfield) into a friendlier place where you can read about a real person.

The website is a work in progress, as is my life, as is my music-making, my writing, and just about everything else I do. I may very well decide to write nothing here for the next five months, or I may end up writing every day. I’m toying with the idea of writing a real performer’s blog, giving you background details on things audience members aren’t supposed to know and jeopardizing my livelihood as a freelancer. That would be fun but probably ill-advised.

Whatever the outcome, I’ll be happy to hear your feedback, whoever you are.

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