Musical Theater tour with Katharina Thalbach and Andreja Schneider

Katharina Thalbach and Andreja Schneider

The tour is underway already – and I’ll be joining it on September 30th in Fulda. Zwei auf Einer Bank is the name of the musical comedy that combines existing tunes from Mozart to swing jazz to German folk songs, all arranged for sextet (piano, cello, violin, harp, bass, drums) by Christoph Israel and starring Katharina Thalbach and Andreja Schneider of the Geschwister Pfister. For some mysterious reason, the tour presenters have sworn us to secrecy about our performance venues, but if you google it, you can find out where we’ll be until October 9th. The tour takes us through provincial Germany and even to Luxembourg, and I think that’s vague enough to publish. The basic story: boy meets girl. The execution: brilliant, incredibly funny, and often graced by spontaneous additions!

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  1. Love your blog. Wondering if you could one day write about how you picked the cello as your instrument and how your parents encouraged your love of music. My girl is turning four and I would appreciate advice. I would like to avoid being a “tiger mom” if possible. Thanks.

    • Hi Lila! Glad you like my blog, thanks. As for the whole topic of early education in music or anything else, I have the feeling I could fill up a book on that subject, not just a blog entry, and either way it would be a familial mine field, but I’ll give it a thought! I haven’t read the tiger mom book, by the way, and probably won’t because I certainly saw enough of them at Juilliard Pre-College. And how did I pick the cello? Well, when I was four years old there was a peanut-shaped case about the size of a fat viola waiting under the Christmas tree…

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