December in Stuttgart and Nürtingen

Last week and this week I’ve been on the road with the Bach Collegium Stuttgart once again, playing Bach Cantatas for their biggest sponsors in Essen and Stuttgart. Sorry, folks — private parties!

Starting next week, the holiday fun begins with the Christmas Oratorio and the Bach Collegium Stuttgart under Alexander Liebreich. We’ll be playing on the 17th and 18th of December in Stuttgart’s Liederhalle, and there will also be a children’s concert on the afternoon of the 17th.

On December 22nd, in what has become a biannual tradition, I’ll be playing with my great friend and wonderful pianist Fabiana Biasini in the Kreuzkirche in Nürtingen near Stuttgart. It’s a charity event for the organization Licht der Hoffnung, which contributes to different causes every year.

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